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Wrap Review: Smitten Vena Cava Crema

Smitten is owned by Matt and Rachel, also the owners of 5 Minute Recess, one of my favorite retail shops for wraps.  Well known for their outstanding customer service and ridiculously fast shipping, it's no surprise Matt and Rachel have created such a lovely brand of their own.  Smitten is based in Texas, and claims to use only 100% natural non-animal derived fibers for its wraps which are spun, dyed, jacquard woven and finished in the US. Packaging and labeling is also produced in the US, and the wraps have passed ASTM F2907-14b and flammability testing and are lab certified to be free of heavy metals and phthalates.  Good stuff!

Natty (natural) wraps have never been my thing.  I love bold, deep colors and my wrap stash is dominated by pinks, blues, and greens.  But natty wraps have a following for being easy to care for and wash despite their light color, and for being incredibly soft, and since Smittens are "created to be worn," I felt good about trying a Vena Cava Cre…

Brand Review: Yaro Slings

Yaro Slings has become my favorite budget brand to recommend to new and seasoned wrappers alike.  Yaro, little sister brand of Solnce, combines high end aesthetics and delectable color combinations with great wrapping qualities and a wallet-friendly price point--most size 6 cotton wraps from this brand are priced around $75USD.

I've owned 4 different Yaro patterns (Turtle, Yolka, La Vita, and La Fleur) in cotton and linen blends, as well as one wool blend. 

Turtle was the most textured and the narrowest of the Yaros I tried (and I say that without being able to recall an exact width measurement, but I believe between 25-26").  It had nice diagonal stretch and was a bit heavier feeling than the La Vitas and La Fleur, and not as airy.

Yaro Yolkas are dead ringers for the ever-popular Didymos Liscas, with a few small differences.  My Dark Blue-Green Yolka is in the middle of the stack below.

Like Liscas, the regular weave Yaro Yolkas (there is also a denser toddler weave, w…